3D Printers


3D Printers

Imagine having the power to bring your ideas to life at the click of a button. Imagine sleekness. Imagine improved productivity. Imagine fine design. In short, imagine the impossible.

Welcome to the world of 3D printing with Redington3D’s exclusive line-up of 3D Systems’ best; a world where you will never again have to limit the scope of your imagination. Imagine what you will, we have the technology to help you see it through. Our line of 3D Systems’ printers make way for you to instantly realise your ideas as physical products, develop prototypes quickly and cost effectively.
Come, find your solution.

Metal Printers

Unlearn everything you have known about metal printing. The new is here.

Smartness is being able to pull off the best equation possible in a crucial metal part central to the design. Smartness is the 3D Systems’ line up of printers at Redington3D. Each equipment is a precision metal manufacturing solution that integrates software and printer technology with the use of certified materials and expert application support.

Metal printers allow for R&D, prototyping and production all in the same place, eliminating the need to wait many man hours and reliance on external suppliers. With these metal printers one can arrive at metal prototypes that weigh less, have improved performance and take all the points for putting you at the forefront of engineering brilliance.

Plastic Printers

3D Plastic Printers are redefining everything you have imagined that a printer could do or a that a printer could be used for.

The 3D Systems’ range of printers at Redington3D has only one expectation from its users – an active imagination. Day in and day out, these printers are finding applications in manufacturing anything from functional prototypes, 3D house models, tooling mold or even floors! These printers are giving users a real crack at innovation by taking all the pain out of prototyping, mold making or function testing.

Full Color Printers

Full Colour 3D Printers or 3D ColorJet Printers make it possible for anyone to efficiently create and demonstrate their ideas in 3D faster, cheaper and better.

Redington 3D is suitably equipped in this area with the super-efficient and performance unparalleled ProJet CJP x60 3D printer series from 3D Systems. Be your need an exploratory model for students or a CAD to 3D representation of your design, the 3D Systems’ ProJet CJPx60 machines bring a world of difference to the quality of your work with faster print speeds, high resolution full CMYK large models or high volumes of parts and, lower part costs.

Metal Casting Printers

The no-tooling solution to micro-detailed or extra-large, precision metal parts that are accurate, repeatable and affordable.

When your need is metal casts with high detailing, speed and accuracy, look no further than Stereolithography Printers (SLA) by 3D Systems featured at Redington3D. Known for their legendary precision, these Metal Casting Printers can create anything from the micro-detailed to the extra-large, casting patterns without the restrictions of CNC, injection molding or the need for tooling. These Stereolithography Printers are a reliable line of cost and material efficient systems that can develop exact plastic parts, prototypes, end-use parts, fixtures and more.

Dental Printers

Precision working models and equipment accelerate dental care delivery. Dental printers enable dental labs and dentists to get as close to perfection in care delivery as possible.

Dentistry is an area that has seen spectacular research and development in prognosis and diagnosis. With the availability of new diagnostic knowledge, the field of dentistry is clearly leaning towards excellence that other branches of medicine have long claimed. With knowledge comes the difference between perfection and something regular. What dentists and dental component manufacturers need is a versatile way employing their knowledge to develop solutions that provide absolute care to their patients which will change their lives.

Dental care and dental components being very individual specific, manufacturing of these components can be cost and time intensive. This is where 3D printing can make a world of difference. From helping dental laboratories streamline their workflow, to printing accurate and detailed dental prostheses, precision working models, drill guides and orthodontic thermoforming models using mutiple materials in multiple colours, the output that can be produced by 3D printers are unrivalled and undeniably smart.

3D Systems’ dental printers featuring at Redginton3D are helping dental laboratories move from intraoral scans to in-house production in a fraction of the time making impressive savings on both time and money. 3D printing is the new secret to building your reputation and your business. Chew on it.

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