Injection Molding

The ability to conceive and create custom injection molds with 3D printers changed everything about manufacturing which has been dependent on traditional injection molds, where the injection mold tooling which alone came with unjustifiable cost.

Speed, accuracy, perfect surface finish and cost efficiency apart, 3D printed custom injection molding makes it possible to create a component almost instantly for testing or if the need is a fewer runs of the component. This paves way for immediate review, feedback and iterations till design and functionality perfection is achieved without worrying about cost-prohibiting tooling and time consuming mold corrections under traditional methods.

Redington 3D Printers’ PolyJet Tooling is an effective prototype injection molds manufacturing method in cases where

  • Complex geometry would make traditional tooling difficult
  • Low quantities are needed
  • Design changes are expected and,
  • Rapid prototyping from the final production plastic is important