Jigs and Fixtures

3D printing allows the very delicate to the very complicated of designs to be printed within unimaginably small time frames and reduced cost irrespective of the complexity of the component. This flexibility allows manufacturers, designers and engineers to approach component design, iterate and optimise jigs, fixtures and other manufacturing aids, for specific tasks, components, individuals or equipment.


3D printing is a way to create instantly holding devices such as dunnage trays, kits, guides and template that support agile manufacturing along with improved product quality.


3D printers can be employed to produce custom guards and covers for valuable equipment on the shop floor with impact resistant, tough materials.

Health and Safety

3D printers make way for safe processes and components of lighter build to be created helping workers reduce part handling strain thus enhancing productivity. Ergonomics is also the main stay of 3D printing.

Quality control

The fundamental of 3D production is in quality control. 3D generated components effectively reduce the need for expensive tooling which is a hall mark of the exceptional quality delivered.

Packaging and Logistics

3D printing can also be employed to customize dunnage trays, kits and boxes for greater portability. Any process or design change can be quickly incorporated as well.