Jigs and Fixtures

You can throw any surprise at our 3D Printers and they can pleasantly surprise you by churning out components that surpass your expectations. You can make a simple fixture or a complex jig, Redington 3D’s printers are always up for a challenge.

Made to deal with extreme complexity in output design, they do not eat more into your time or budget because a provided design is complex. It is this flexibility that is helping designers and manufacturers optimise jigs, fixtures and other manufacturing aids, and customise them for specific tasks, components, individuals or equipment.


Support agile manufacturing processes, improve product quality, get production to go live and avoid errors with 3D printed work holding devices, dunnage trays, kits, guides and templates.


3D printing is also about the tough materials that be worked with. 3D printing makes it possible to customize protective guards and covers for valuable equipment in materials like FDM Nylon 12 that can withstand severe factory floor conditions.

Health and Safety

3D printing also enables almost every traditionally heavy component to be composed into lightweight components that have the same durability and strength. The advantage herein is that these 3D components make the workers’ life safer and more comfortable, reduce their strain and improve productivity. 3D printing makes it possible to make work-holding devices, jigs and fixtures customized to each individual and task for better ergonomics.

Quality Control

There are many qualities that are unbeatable to our 3D printers and quality control is a priority. You can take the help of our 3D printers to develop part-specific tools, cradles, text-fixture components and measurement aids that will keep aid your quality control pursuits.

Packaging and Logistics

With 3D printing, you can go just about anywhere, even take your logistics several steps ahead. For better portability both within your shop floor and during shipment, you can also customize dunnage trays, kits and boxes. And if your needs change, all you will need for the floor is a quick revision of the design of your boxes.