LSR Molding

Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) Molding is used in industries that from automotive to defence, sporting goods, medical devices and consumer products. While LSR based products are easy to make in a faster and cheaper manner when mass produced, the story of making prototype molds for the same are not the same.

The challenges include the making cost and time taken for injection molds which is very prohibitive when less volume production is necessary. To avoid the costs, manufacturers often resort to labour-intensive casting methods where the finish is unsatisfactory. The reliable, cost-effective and time-saving method to nullify all the challenges that LSR molding faces is 3D Printing of these molds which can be ready in as little as one day. Any complexity and fine detailing is never too big a challenge for Redington 3D’s 3D printers. The LSR molds can be created fully in a 3D printer, layer by layer read of a CAD drawing, preserving every characteristic and aesthetics as if made by an injection mold itself. Low volume production and functional testing is no longer an issue LSR molding will have to face.