10 reasons why you should look forward to 3D printing.

  • Improving Education: Teachers from different fields of study are planning to increase the use of 3D printers in the classrooms. This way technology can help students to develop their skills inside the classroom. From engineering to history and more 3D printing can help to uplift the lessons’ scope.
    The teachers can print the replicas of historical artifacts for the students to understand how the real object really looked like. The technology can help educate about the concepts of physics, engineering, design, etc.
  • Changing the face of Medicine: The 3D printer is helping the medical fraternity to save people’s lives like never. Today, with the help of the technology living human tissues can be generated in a much efficient way.
    The ability of a 3D printer to be precise and lightweight also elevate the scope of medical in the world. The patients now get comfortable and better treatment options. Many prosthetic parts are also being printed now.
  • Food on demand: Yes, now one can even print delicious and enjoyable food. This can be used in many restaurants in the future. Just stock the 3D printers and let the customer design his/her own meals. On-demand is not just a part of a science fiction movie anymore.
  • Tangible pictures for the blind: With the advancement of the technology a better world can be created for the blind community. Imagine where one can help them feel the pictures, before available only on the desktop, with the help of this technology.

    Estonian company Wolfprint 3D, took a step forward by printing 3D models of the unborn babies. Now the expectant mother can touch her baby before its even born.

  • Make your vehicles safer and stronger: Many companies are now printing different parts of the machinery via a 3D printer. This not only reduces the time of production but also, increase the strength of the part that is printed. The parts are lightweight and more fuel-efficient.


  • More efficient factories: The more a factory produces, the merrier. Now, thanks to the 3D printing many car companies can print a car in one go. Thus, reducing the time of assembling parts and improving the efficiency of the assembly line. The production of waste is also reduced, which is one of the major concerns of the production companies.
  • Scope of innovation and faster designs: In the era, when everything is just at the tip of one’s fingertips, the faster one can produce and innovate, the faster the company will grow. 3D printing helps in making complex model simple. Thus, leaving a huge scope for innovations and design reforms. Moreover, with less time in production, the designers can focus on improving the design.
  • Cutting of carbon footprints: One-day 3D printing shops can take over the street. Whatever customer needs can be made according to their demands. Later, they can go and collect the printed product. This will reduce the shipping cost as well as pollution levels due to the shipping of products globally. Thus, reducing the carbon footprints.
  • Space compatible production: Recently, researchers at Harvard found out that a lithium-ion battery can be produced in a size smaller than a grain of sand with the help of a 3D printer. With micro-batteries, the size of the device using the battery can be reduced. This can help redefine the future of both tech and medicine.
  • Ease of the construction industry: Recently, with the help of a 3D printer a 15kg replica of the Empire State building was printed. What it signifies is that one day 3D printing can change the face of architectural and construction processes. A designer can just design and let the printer print the complete house. This will eliminate the hustle of dealing with workers and will be more efficient.


The trend is slow to come because of the lack of safety measures in the printed building. However, many parts of the building are actively printed like, floor panels, electrical sockets, etc.