There is a major ground-breaking change that is happening in the manufacturing sector in the form of 3D printing. It is the technology that has changed the face of this industry. Not only is this technology being extensively used to produce various articles, it is also able to replace old heavy machinery with lighter, more durable ones.

3D printing is the process by which the computer through a series of pre decided coded steps is able to produce the desired product in one go. The whole process from the melting of the raw material to its shaping and the final creation are carried out in one continuous process at one place. This is done by means of a laser guided beam and the product thus obtained is ready to be used immediately.

The printers are completely at ease in printing both machines as a whole and the smallest parts of the same machine at will. Once the first mold of a part is created, it can be immediately send for mass production or to be used in a factory. The time taken in the entire process is a fraction of what a conventional machine would take and does not require any further assembly of parts.

It is able to replicate the most complex geometrical designs with ease and can be used to produce the most complex machinery too. Not only machines, 3D printing is also being used extensively to provide small and intricate machinery parts. The parts are so designed that they are a perfect fit into any kind of machine. The final product is always a lighter, better and sturdy replica of the original part.

These parts are state of the art products that can be used for much longer periods of time than conventional machines. The best feature about these 3D printer products is that in case a part of the machine breaks down, it can be easily replaced by just replacing the faulty part instead of dismantling the whole machine and reassembling it again.

These 3D printers are manufacturing goods that save a lot of time and manpower. Since it can use all kinds of raw material, it is turning out to be a cheaper alternative to costly raw materials. Because of this, slowly, the machines are also being replaced by these 3D printed products. All of this helps to increase the profits of the companies with superior quality merchandise.

They can be used in a variety of industries like defense, automobile, hospitals but it is primarily the manufacturing sector that can benefit the most from the technology of 3D printing. The 3D printing companies armed with the latest information technology advancements are producing ready to be mass produced prototypes of every possible machine equipment.