5 sure fire reasons 3D printing will change education forever

Every day one can come across a lot of headlines regarding a new technology. In this constantly evolving world, this doesn’t even seem so intimidating. 3D printing is also one the new babies of the technologically evolving world.


The technology is now used to manufacture clothes, food, houses and even ammunition.  Moreover, it is making a huge impact in the education sector. Many schools in countries like the United States of America and the United Kingdom have started implementing the technology or have plans to do so in the near future.


Here are the five benefits of introducing 3D printing technology in the education system:


Encouraging student participation: Students tend to lose interest in a lesson when there are complex ideas involved. Keeping the student hooked is very essential and challenging at the same time. 3D printing can not only help the students but also the teachers. Students learn better when things can be done practically and teachers can also explain complex concepts with an ease. Imagine the case of chemical bonds. How easy would it be if one can actually see how Oxygen is bonding with Hydrogen to form H2O.


Boosts creative thinkers: It is easy to learn new ideas but it is difficult to come up with a new one. 3D printing technology can encourage students to become thinkers of tomorrow. It will help them innovate and create simply by hit and trial method. This way they can retain more facts about the lesson.


Experience with the real world problems: World class professionals deal with and work on real-world problems on daily basis. However, a student does not experience any such event till s/he enters the so-called real world. 3D printing technology in the classroom can make students have a hand on experience on many real-world issues. Unlike an adult mind, developing mind is open to every new idea and there will be surprised if they can come with solutions experts did not even imagine.


Shaping careers: Many students do not opt for STEM subjects because of a lack of interest in them or on the other hand, many take up those subjects without any idea. However, with the introduction of 3D printing at school level things can change. Students can have a clearer idea of their interest in such subjects and decide about their future. It will also make the complex concepts of such subjects easier for them to understand.


Boosts active learning: Interaction is the key to education and learning. If a student is able to interact with what s/he has to learn, the subject becomes interesting. This helps them grasp and retain the lesson easily. Learning about fossils and artefacts in the history class will make the boring history lesson interesting. The students will be able to touch and study the event that happened billions of year ago.