Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing has been around for quite some time now, however, it is only recently when companies like HP are aggressively promoting it that it has come into its own. It is bringing a complete revolution in the industry with the seamless amalgamation of existing technologies with it.

The cost of adopting the technology has certainly reduced with time. While the initial cost of the set up may seem large, the products that are manufactured are of superior quality and in the long run, provide assured profits.

The most unique aspect of this technology is the scope for complete customization of the product. From the conceptual stage, the product can be modified to suit the exact specifications of the customer. Once it is created, it does not require any further fine tuning as all the conditions have been met beforehand.

The finished product is better and lighter in weight than its existing contemporary product. It is also easy to replace a defunct part of the product by simply replacing it with a new one instead of dismantling the whole machinery. This helps the companies save a huge amount of money in maintenance.

Spare parts industry is another area that this technology can affect greatly by building easier and lighter parts instead of conventional heavy ones. Additive manufacturing can help produce even the smallest parts of any design and thus are able to supply any defective part on demand and replace it.

As the whole product is created at one place and at one go, it can be immediately sent to the market. There is no need to store it for further testing as the prototype has already passed through all the tests. All these small steps help in saving huge amounts of money and manpower.

Earlier due to high input cost and complex designs, it was not very popular. Nowadays, more and more people are researching in this field to come up with better, innovative and simpler products than ever before. This technique will certainly change the way products are made in the future.