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The aerospace industry survives on precision and the reliability of its processes. Everything that happens on the shop floor needs to be fool proof and fail proof, every single component manufactured has to meet stringent quality standards. Nothing is ever taken for granted in aerospace. Aerospace also constantly finds itself having to meet new safety regulations and process protocols from Governments around the world.

Zeiss metrology systems featured at Redington3D have been the ally of many companies in the aerospace sector for their sheer capability in precision scanning that leaves no room for error.

Some of the areas that the aerospace industry takes help from our featured 3D measuring systems include

  • Quality Control/inspection
  • Precision part geometry
  • Aerodynamics/stress analysis
  • OEM and legacy part reengineering
  • Reverse engineering (assembly/MRO, gas turbines, engine bays, nacelles, cockpits)
  • MRO and damage assessment
  • Prototype, tooling and mold adjustment
  • Design and engineering of aircraft components and assembly
  • Simulation and verification of wind tunnels and climate chambers


These 3D scanners are always ready for you be your task tooling, jig or fixture alignment, part inspection, surface analysis, 3D modelling or as-built documentation for plant layout. No one understands the highly competitive, high risk, high value and quality demanding an industry like aerospace like a Zeiss does. These scanning systems have been guiding transitions in the aerospace industry in craft construction, simulation, quality control, statistical analysis and digital information transfer, aero assembly, safety and reliability for defence and space exploration avionics and so much more. These 3D scanning systems are involved with every instance of aeronautics every day, helping with issues such as

  • 3D modelling for phased-array inspections
  • assessment of hail damage on aircrafts
  • assisted assembly – assessing “As-Built Conditions” where simulations and virtual assembly operations help arrive at the right design adjustments and pre-calculations of assembly positions, creating appropriate spaces for new parts, etc.
  • assisted assembly for manufacturing processes
  • maintenance where scanning helps measure warping or wear and tear
  • part-to-CAD inspection of samples, especially free-form and complex shapes
  • production compliance inspections
  • testing and adjustment of design tooling during the initial stages of a new process


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