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Automotive industry has always led the way in manufacturing technology. Many of the manufacturing principles that others follow come from the automotive industry. A fast-paced industry such as automotive needs as competitive machines and systems to help it reduce its production time on the shop floor and meet market demand, beating competition. Industrial metrology is giving automotive manufacturers the edge in productivity in a variety of ways including in-line measurement, faster inspection times, higher sampling rate, integrating metrology data with product lifecycle management systems, statistical process control and supply chain management software. The data captured in these processes is vital information for decision makers and engineers, helping them ramp up production, improve quality and performance of individual components, minimise damages and wastage and much more. Metrology solutions are redefining the way the automotive industry was approaching mission critical assemblies and applications. Our 3D scanners are being applied in various areas including capturing very large objects, seamless scanning of dense and complicated components, capturing of data and documentation from both contact and non-contact measuring, etc.

The data thus gathered help

  • improve component accuracy
  • improve component performance
  • improve supply chain efficiency
  • eliminate faults and errors
  • optimise production lines
  • improve inspection capabilities
  • help with crash reconstruction
  • reverse engineering for prototyping, improvement and manufacture
  • improve contouring and appeal of supercars
  • serve as a gauge of quality and,
  • lead innovation.

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