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Managing shrinkage, maintaining geometry and precise production of tooling parts can make a sea of difference to tool, die and mold manufacturers. For industries dealing with these manufacturing services, 3D scanning can help rectify possible and anticipated errors through the use of data to get tooling, molds and dies right the first time as against traditional measuring methods. This is a big and crucial step for manufacturers since, arriving at the right prototype or mold faster alone can help take the actual production forward faster. Without 3D scanning, manufacturers would continue to make physical iterations to their samples till optimum functionality and geometry is achieved in the component. 3D scanning is also the absolute solution for reverse engineering of components irrespective of the component’s complexity.

3D scanning helps bring together a completeness to the manufacturing solution where in, it is not just the molds, dies and machine tools that are perfected but the data can be extrapolated to realise how they will work with their jigs, fixtures and gauges.

Zeiss portable metrology systems ensure in situ checking, which helps identify damage or wear instantly thereby saving the process, time and money. These measuring systems are, in many manufacturing facilities, the core driver of inspection streamlining, improving the operation of machine tools and production efficiencies and, dimensional analysis apart from 3D modelling of parts such as tooling.

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