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In the field of medicine, life depends on the accuracy of treatment made available to the patient. In such situations, precision diagnostics and flawless medical devices developed with the help of high-end 3D scanners make a world of difference. Our Zeiss 3D scanners meet very high demand for precision and absolute hygiene, a standard medical requisite to ensure that patients receive the best care possible from their trusted practitioners. These scanners are widely employed in the medical technology sectors of biomechanics, forensics and dental. 3D scanning systems become dependable tools in forensic pathology and crime scene investigations.
The challenges our Zeiss measuring systems meet every day include, inspecting high-precision metal parts such as surgical supplies, non-contact laser scanning and optical measurement. With 3D scanning systems, speedy and accurate measurement of small or fragile human and machine parts, including highly-polished or malleable surfaces that are not suitable for tactile measurement can be done. The data can then be used to design complex tooling required to shape the freeform components that mimic the human body. This is our way of making people’s life better.

Zeiss portable scanners make it possible to take measurements and compute data in the presence of the patient, in real time helping find solutions through research, product design and other clinical applications.

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