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As the need for electricity is rising by the day, it becomes important to find more convenient and efficient ways to harvest it. 3D scanning systems have been successfully employed in the power generation sectors of Gas & Steam turbines, Hydropower, Wind Energy and, Propulsion.

As a high performing system, Zeiss’ optical measurement technology is used in order to achieve cost efficiency and also to aid maintenance and repairs on turbine blades, housing elements and other structural parts. Reverse engineering is another area where 3D scanners are delivering greatly for the power industry.

Gas & Steam turbines power generation companies can do lifetime prediction for gas & steam turbines, carry out reverse engineering/golden master among others. Hydropower projects employ 3D scanning to analyse blade geometry tolerances so as to provide turbine rotation with minimal vibration and improved efficiency. In the wind energy capturing segment too, reverse engineering to perfect the rotor is carried out. Repair & maintenance, housings & components, dynamic deformation measurement, quality control for turbine blade manufacturing are also effectively and efficiently realised by 3D scanning systems.

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