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Aerospace is an area that demands continuous innovation in design and safety, cost efficiency and quick turnaround all at once. The right combination of these factors would be impossible without the help of the technology that we know as 3D Printing. 3D Printing is helping companies in the aerospace area indulge in new product development, function testing, review and remodelling almost instantly. For the high cost industry that it is, time is crucial. 3D Printers help these companies remain centres of innovation leading them through product development.

Redington3D introduces from 3D Systems some of those very machines that are providing industry-leading production solutions to companies in aerospace manufacturing adding unparalleled value to their productivity in manufacturing and supply chain around the world. These machinery help aerospace manufacturers lead technological innovation at every level, inspection and MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul). 3D Printing is also the efficient method to fabricate components that help lower fuel costs, are lighter with increased toughness, and is one of the top methods in the business of replacing legacy parts for aging fleets.

In the aerospace-defence area too, these 3D Printers have been meeting the needs of lowering fuel costs through lightweighting and parts consolidation, increased speed and reliability of quality solutions, increased manufacturing productivity through innovative 3D printed casting patterns, 3D data recovery, injection-mold design, and direct metal printing of airworthy parts.

Distinctive advantages of 3D Printing over others

  • Helps convert ideas into products with the quickest turnaround time
  • Reduces need for expensive and time-consuming tooling and production
  • Opens the path to faster iteration, decision making, and response to market changes
  • Execute designs that lower fuel cost and increase payload
  • Reduced manufacturing complexity. Freedom to produce complex geometries and flightworthy parts
  • Improve production efficiency
  • Manufacture lightweight composite parts
  • Reduce impact of design changes on production.
  • 3D print flight-ready parts like housings and ductwork in-house with certified, traceable material
  • Manufacture high-mix, low volume parts on the fly
  • Avoid high machining costs for custom tools or parts needed for individual repairs and restorations and efficiently replace legacy parts for ageing fleets.

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