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Education and training is one of the largest areas where 3D printing technologies can be used effectively and efficiently to further knowledge acquisition and skill development. 3D printing helps move learning from books to a more practical and real world platform allowing students to touch, feel, measure and understand how different mechanisms work be it in physics, chemistry, geography, biology, art, medicine or engineering. As educators around the world would agree, the more practical and real world the learning process, the better the knowledge absorption and application of it.

To remain competitive and to impart learning that is above and beyond bookish knowledge and acquisition of a degree, schools, colleges, training centres and universities are adopting technologies that deliver reality in box, such as 3D printing systems.

The realisation of the fact that today’s children have different career options to opt for than generations prior to theirs also makes it necessary for them to have very different skill sets. Teaching strategies are changing to accommodate this need, right from kindergarten to higher degrees and even research, helping students think critically, stay engaged and recall nuances accurately.

Educators, educational institutions and educational aids manufacturers are being required to follow the Inspire-Engage-Prepare model for imparting education to drive strong grasp of the fundamentals across all learning age group to stay competitive in the market. This cause is backed by the availability of 3D printed models to drive and establish for the student, fundamentals of the subject in question. It also helps incite across age groups, the ability to think critically, deliberate constructively, think creatively and stay motivated.

3D printed models have proven to improve student performance and grades, while reducing the time needed for remedial coursework. The availability to learn and explore with 3D models helps students graduate with employable skills which in turn boosts the standing of the college/institute/university among hiring companies.

Distinctive advantages of Educational 3D Printing over others

  • Provides a quick, creative and practical learning experience
  • Lower model costs
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Improved usability
  • Travel beyond the classroom with 3D printed buildings, monuments, artefacts, geographical patterns or fictional places and things
  • Experience the unseen world of sound waves, magnetic fields, cell structures, viruses and molecules
  • Foster career readiness with skilled training for auto workers, machinists, automation technicians, tool and die makers, and other skilled technicians
  • Understand manufacturing from the cradle stage and close the manufacturing skills gap
  • Attract students and prepare students for today’s manufacturing careers
  • Makes it possible to introduce and explore the latest finds from around the world in various fields be it science, manufacturing, engineering, media and entertainment, architecture, health care, aerospace, robotics, automotive design or the arts through quick production of 3D models
  • Makes lab time more productive for research students

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