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3D Production is being adopted across industry segments for 4
outstanding reasons

Creative freedom

The vast skill sets bored into each of our 3D production systems allow engineers, architects, designers and medical professionals to reimagine the impossible. 3D printing opens the doors to creativity, the freedom to iterate and originality.


Personalisation and customisation are becoming the norm in many product categories or solutions deliveries. Our 3D production technologies allow manufactures to deliver better customer care and customer satisfaction through the low cost, low turnaround time promise of 3D printers.


3D production systems produce accurate results over multiple prints. They also provide outputs in the material of your choice.


Our 3D production systems are outstanding for their turnaround times. They lead a process from start to finish with in a matter of hours, producing fine prints of the object in question, with all depth and detailing included.

Custom tool production is the manufacturing world’s biggest gain since the devising of the 3D printing systems. While the applications of 3D printers in manufacturing are countless, the following are the common uses we come across: