ProJet CJP 260C

The most compact and most affordable CMY 3D printing option

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The ProJet CJP 260C is our entry level 3D Printer that knows only to act like a top end pro. The most affordable it is also a picture of efficiency delivering 5X to 10X faster print speeds and up to 7X lower part cost than all other technologies.

Printing in CMY colour, the ProJet CJP 260C can give your colour prints added dimension and help explain your concepts with the help of its full texture/UV mapping feature. With the ProJet CJP 260C, you can realise your ideas and prepare them for evaluation in terms of look, feel and design. Efficient material use, least wastage, eco-friendliness and recycling of core material are the other endearing features of the ProJet CJP 260C.


Concept modeling
  • Communication, sales & marketing models
  • Rapid design iteration
  • Display/Art models
Simulation models
  • Surgery practice
  • FEA analysi
  • Assemblies visualization
  • Ergonomics
Color and texture validation


  • ColorJet Printing technology
  • Max build envelope capacity(W x D x H): 9.3 x 7.3 x 5 in(236 x 185 x 127 mm)
  • Printing in CMY color
  • Using natural products-based build materials
  • Fast and safe cleaning of your printed models with the cleaning station (optional)
  • Effective, safe and easy models infiltration with the down-draft workbench (optional)


  • Unique professional quality color
  • Fast print speed
  • Low operating costs
  • Safe and eco-friendly
  • Easy post-processing with no supports to remove
  • Choose from a range of part finishing options to meet your application requirements

VisiJet PXL (CJP)

From monochrome to full CMYK parts

Consisting of core and binder materials, this composite can be used “green” or infiltrated to meet your needs - from stronger, photo-realistic parts to economical concept models.

VisiJet® PXL material builds realistic, high definition, full-color concept models, assemblies and prototypes. Choose from a range of finishing options to meet your needs, from ColorBond infiltration for stronger functional prototypes, to wax for creating concept models quickly, safely and affordably.

Applications include
  • VisiJet PXL + StrengthMax infiltrant to dramatically improve the strength for functional models
  • VisiJet PXL + ColorBond infiltrant for improved strength and color vibrancy
  • VisiJet PXL + Wax infiltrant for fast, affordable, beautiful color models
  • VisiJet PXL + Salt Water infiltrant, ideal for very economical monochrome models
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