Aiding manufacturing, forensics and medical fields to arrive at early solutions by non-destructive means

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Solutions by Applications

3D scanning systems by Zeiss that feature at Redington3D are turning the tide in re-engineering and learning for industries ranging from aerospace to medicine with non-destructive scanning technology and precision solutions, making headways in reducing human intervention related issues of time, effort and accuracy.

Zeiss systems are built for detailed measuring of anything ranging from large parts such as aircraft wings and flaps down to the tiniest micro component in a watch or, a human body implant such as stent or pin.

The freeform scanning technology of Zeiss has been particularly useful in the aerospace and automotive industry. The applications range from Quality control/Inspection to Mold and Toolmaking, Rapid Manufacturing, Reverse Engineering, Design, Capture of complex component dynamics of even moving parts, non-contact solutions for forensics and medical devices, etc.