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Need to get your head inside a complex part? Expect that and then some more from the COMET 6.

The COMET 6 is a high-precision 3D digitizing base built with Blue-LED Fringe Projection Innovative high-end sensors. The technology paves way for high speed measuring at very high resolutions with uncompromising flexibility and data quality.

The COMET 6 also provides a choice between higher resolution and maximum measurement allowing the user to select the optimal performance for specific usage. Built with extremely powerful LED and innovative projection optics (3D ILC – Intelligent Light Control), it eliminates undesired effects such as glare. This projection module with integrated control unit also supports real-time sync mode, setting new standards in speed and efficiency in 3D data acquisition. The data efficiency is further improved since the scanner is equipped with ZEISS colin3D software. The efficient software makes it possible to generate easy false colour comparisons for individual analysis as well as reports for documenting measuring results.

The fine ergonomics and friendly operability paired with the sensationally fast measurement time of the COMET 6 gives user the freedom to operate the system intuitively and conveniently. Modular design with proven single-camera-technology allows fast and easy adaptation of the field-of-view to the application at hand. The other outstanding feature of the COMET 6 is short working distances even with large measuring fields for simple, time-saving handling, especially in confined spaces. The system can also be adapted to a different field-of view, and be made available for the next application within shortest time.

The COMET 6 comes in 2 variants:


COMET 6 8M is the new standard in 3D data acquisition efficiency. Set with a high-speed fringe projection sensor, the COMET 6 8M reduces measurement time in high resolution mode to a stunning sub-one-second.


This is as detailed as detailing gets. The 16-megapixel camera reads fine structures to the finest level of detail and precision possible.

COMET 6 Features Roundup

  • Powerful LED and innovative projection optics
  • Adaptive projection technology (3D ILC - Intelligent Light Control)
  • Minimised glare
  • Modular: single-camera-technology makes way for fast and easy adaptation of field-of-view
  • Short working distance
  • Ergonomic and time-saving handling
  • Easy to use – as simple as clicking a picture with a digital camera
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