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The COMET Automated is the takeover of your 3D scanning needs by innovation and intelligence.

The COMET Automated is an automated measurement solution with maximum efficiency, assured quality and performance as its priorities. The COMET Automated subscribes to a very innovative, cost-effective and maintenance-free LED lighting technology with high light output. This crucial element along with ZEISS Optotechnik’s proven single-camera technology and the sensor structure specially designed for automation delivers guaranteed excellence even under difficult ambient conditions. The system may easily be integrated into all conventional robot systems. The system is known for its remarkable working distance (700 mm) and point resolution (180 μm) making it possible to inspect diverse shapes, large objects and surfaces. It can also accommodate an integrated photogrammetry camera (16 megapixel) with LED lighting.

The COMET Automated is particularly suitable for quality control/inspection, initial sampling, measurements during series production, production-related inspections, tool and mold making, current status determination at tool release, etc.

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