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Explore new dimensions in 3D data acquisition, even in confined spaces.

The COMET L3D is the scanner the opened-up avenues for plenty of applications and industries to get introduced to the efficiency 3D scanning can bring to their business. It is many things fitted into a small, compact but supremely powerful performer of a system. Even as an entry level 3D scanning solution, the COMET L3D stands tall because of its high efficiency in 3D data acquisition.

The COMET L3D has a few very distinguishing features

Speed & Accuracy: COMET L3D has an incredible rate of 3D data acquisition with supreme accuracy

Innovativeness & Ease of use: The COMET L3D is built to operate efficiently under various demanding situations such as difficult ambient conditions, deliver quick and high light output and, be maintenance-free and cost-effective. The system equipped with proven single-camera technology and sensor housing is easy to operate, ultracompact and ultralight for reasons of easy portability. The field of view can be managed by changing the lens in a quick and simple operation. The system is also built to perform exceedingly well where short working distances are involved.

The COMET L3D finds wide use in the areas of quality control/inspection, mold and model making, design, rapid manufacturing, reverse engineering, archaeology, documentation of art-historical objects, etc.

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