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An increasingly flexible and efficient 3D scanning system with automation at its core

Quality control functions will benefit remarkably from the fully integrated solutions of the T-SCAN Automated 3D laser scanner. The T-SCAN Automated displays effortless data acquisition, precision, speed, dynamism and efficiency even in difficult to access areas, delivering an output in a staggeringly short time.

The T-SCAN works extremely well on a variety of surfaces. The system offers the user complete real-time control over the measuring process as it progresses. The tolerant scan line / robot path guidance guarantee for utmost flexibility especially in short distance measurement, makes the T-SCAN Automated a system to respect.


  • High measuring speed, high dynamic range
  • Short measuring distance, compact sensor
  • Optimal accessibility for complex object geometries
  • High measurement accuracy by optical tracking unit, independent of robot accuracy
  • Measurement of varying object surfaces in one scan path without time-consuming preparation
  • Real-time display during measurement
  • Adaptation to almost every common robot type/manufacturer
  • Optical sensor and automated solution from one single source, all components perfectly attuned to each other
  • Optimized programming due to tolerant scan line / robot path guidance and small measurement distance
  • Individual all-in-one solutions for optimal integration

The T-SCAN Automated can be suitably applied to purposes of quality control/inspection, first article analysis, measurements during series production, production-related inspection, tool and mold-making, current status determination at tool release, etc.

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