Dynamic data acquisition

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The Zeiss T-SCAN CS is high-end scanning freedom right in your hand.

The Zeiss T-SCAN CS is a hand-held laser scanner with 3 components – a tracking camera, a hand-held scanner and a touch probe, together delivering the highest flexibility, dynamism and precision to the process of scanning.

Being a hand-held device, it is high on ergonomics, tailored for fatigue-free and intuitive scanning. The system’s light and compact but extremely sensitive build allows for data capturing even in most difficult to reach areas. Its highly dynamic range for data acquisition of various object surfaces and, a never before data rate makes speed and precise measurement results a reality. The touch probe, ZEISS T-POINT is a spectacular addition delivering single-point measurements on object areas such as (trimmed) edges and ruled geometries quickly and reliably.

For a hand-held device, dynamic referencing ability is central to its capability. The T-SCAN CS is known for its dynamic referencing function which allows measuring component movements independently and in difficult environmental conditions, such as vibrations on the factory floor or in moving parts, etc. The ZEISS T-SCAN system can be controlled by a multitude of direct real time interfaces enabling data acquisition, data processing and data comparison and, integration into existing processes as well. The high-performance software platform colin3D ensures a consistently efficient and project-oriented procedure during the entire measuring process.


  • Dynamic data acquisition
  • User-oriented design
  • Fastest rate of data capture
  • Extreme precision
  • Ergonomic design for fatigue-free, efficient operation


  • Innovative all-in-one concept with hand-held laser scanner, optical tracking unit and touch probe for flexible use in various applications
  • Complete, fast and efficient 3D digitization of large objects
  • High measurement accuracy, large measurement volume
  • Maximum accessibility due to compact scanner design
  • Adjustable laser intensity, eye safe laser class 2M
  • High-quality, wear-resistant/low-maintenance components
  • Easy calibration
  • No object preparation required
  • High dynamic range for precise data capturing on different surfaces / objects with varying surface properties
  • Highly ergonomic, easy and intuitive handling
  • Optical distance display / acoustic feedback
  • Macro-controlled program execution
  • Dynamic referencing for measurement on moving objects
  • Automatic evaluation with any common inspection software programs
  • Fantastic price-performance ratio


  • Quality Control / Inspection
    • Comparison to CAD data
    • Boundary/edge extraction (sheet metal parts)
    • Production-related inspection
  • Mold and Toolmaking
    • Tool reconstruction
    • Generation of tool paths for milling
    • Documentation of actual 3D data at tool release
  • Design
    • Scanning of design models for further processing in CAD data and as documentation
  • Rapid Manufacturing
    • Acquisition of 3D data for Rapid Prototyping
  • Reverse Engineering
    • Scanning of art/historical objects, archaeology
  • Medical technical applications
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