Pure industrial computed tomography

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High-end, non-destructive tomography that delivers top results with a single X-ray scan

The ZEISS METROTOM is an industrial computed tomograph that enables in-house measuring and inspection of products through a single X-ray scan. The ZEISS METROTOM’s capabilities will have far reaching impact in areas where measuring hidden structures without destroying it physically is necessary. The tomograph is built for delivering high precision data through sophisticated calibration mechanisms.

The tube and detector X-ray components in the METROTOM are specially optimized for metrological applications. Measurement deviations are prevented by capturing the position of the focal spot and even minute deviations are corrected since the detector can read and correct at an individual pixel level.

The highlight of the METROTOM apart from its precision engineering and the sophisticated calibration is that you can access archived volume data sets any point in time, even after years, to study and compare defects or wear in products that are returned for defective performance. The equipment also has a specified, traceable measuring accuracy as per VDI/VDE 2630 and is calibrated using a patented process. This nullifies the need for additional calibrations using limit gages or reference measurements with additional sensors

The ZEISS strength in reliable linear guide and bearing technology is prominent in the METROTOM. This ensures the tomograph’s precision and repeatability. The precision data delivered is furthered enhanced as the tomograph is built to CAA correct all travel axes and considers all or any deviations from the ideal axis in the 3D volume calculation. The METROTOM is capable of inspecting components made of plastic or light metals.

The software

The tomograph features the ZEISS METROTOM OS. The METROTOM scanned information is processed using Zeiss’ leading software, CALYPSO. The METROTOM is versatile in a way that it also accepts third party CT visualisation software to inspect, evaluate and process the volume data captured. With a short training in place, users can exploit the benefits of the METROTOM to generate data that can be for various evaluations or 3D visualizations.


  • Data made available through a single x-ray scan
  • Complete measuring and inspection solution
  • Reads plastic or light metal components
  • Precise and traceable
  • Fast
  • Ease of handling

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