The multitasking tomograph

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ZEISS VoluMax CT is the device of choice for businesses that require multiple components to be inspected quickly.

Here the equipment is customised to the inspection job thereby ensuring seamless operation and can be configured for both manual and automated loading as well.

When added to manufacturing lines for serial inspection, the ZEISS inline CT scanners inspect goods instantly, providing instant feedback which helps eliminate unusable components before they reach the end of the line. The system can also be deployed for random sampling.

In the ZEISS VoluMax, dimensional variations, discontinuities, inclusions and every type of deformation can be inspected with just one scan. In instances of defect detection, the ZEISS VoluMax can also narrow down the finding to the exact location and severity of the defect. This is helpful in avoiding false rejects. All data and results captured are also automatically documented. The machine is built for reconstruction and evaluation of the 3D data in parallel to the measuring process with multiple high-performance computers working at the same time. This ensures meeting challenging image evaluations in the given cycle time.

The ZEISS VoluMax also puts user safety as its top priority. The operator is protected by a safety sensor when using the machine. It can identify user presence outside of the safety zone, make split second decisions and allow the operator to step away to safety. During loading too, an absorbing screen is positioned in front of the X-ray tube to ensure that no X-rays escape. The ZEISS VoluMax being a machine that can be customised for a purpose, a conveyer belt or robot can be integrated into the production line for complete automation. ZEISS VoluMax is capable of reading both plastic and light metal components.

The software

The tomograph features the ZEISS METROTOM OS. The user interface can be modified to meet particular demands as necessary.

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